My Local Government By: Logan Hoida

Hobart Village Office

2990 S. Pine Tree Road Hobart, WI 54155

Open 8am-5pm Monday-Friday

Hobart WI

Municipal Map

The Issues that Hobart faces

Hobarts 5 year road plan layout

The 5 year road plan is a plan to repair roads and increase maintenance of roads that are worn down after years of use. They plan on paying for the construction and maintenance by increasing taxes by $0.35 for every mile of road in Hobart. The second part of the plan is to build a 2 mile walking path down N. Pine Tree Rd. And they are even thinking about billing back the home owner for the construction on their property.

My solution to this Walking path is to build it on the other side of the road because it would only be built through 4 drive ways rather than 30 drive ways U shaped driveways were counted as 2 and roads were 1. On the other side of the road it would only cross through 4 drive ways and only 1 road. And when considering the construction the board was even worried about pedestrians safety when on the trail.

Other Issues

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