This story is about Dad, Connor, Maggie, Jayden, and their little brother. They got in a huge car crash. A deer ran in the road and the dad tried to turn to dodge the deer and drove off the cliff. They all seemed scared. The door of the car collapsed on the dad's left leg and broke it.

Dad sent Maggie, and Connor to find help and get saved. Jayden said he wanted to go too, and Connor said no. Connor finally said Jayden could come because Connor could not handle Jayden begging.

On the way to get help Connor found a cave in the blizzard. They were so happy because they needed shelter from the storm. Maggie needed warmth. There was a huge pile of snow in front of the door, so Connor dug it out.

Maggie had hypothermia so they needed to get her in the cave. They went in the cave and there was a huge bear in it. It was a bear's cave!! They were so scared!!

The bear started chasing the kids. Connor said to play dead but they kept running. The bear stopped chasing the kids when Connor scared it off. Then they ran right into a frozen lake. Next to the lake Jayden made shelter and a fire to help Maggie with hypothermia.

In the morning the blizzard was over and Maggie didn't have hypothermia any more. They found the cabins and called for help. The police saved Dad and their little brother from the car. Dad went to the hospital and got a cast on his left leg.

Later, they all went snowmobiling in Ohio, Dad still had a cast on his left leg, so he couldn't race, but he rode on the back of Connor's snowmobile. Even though their trip was scary but they still had a lot of fun in the end.


Created with images by Mike Babcock - "Something's askew" • Hans - "hut snow log cabin" • ~Ealasaid~ - "Wisconsin Dec 2008 (77)"

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