College Frustrations and How to Own it If you are the type of person that gets stressed out with college work, read.

Students seem to gain an exaggerated amount of stress due to school. There are so many assignments, tests, quizzes, homeworks and projects that some kids are not able to keep up with. Can one test score determine if you will go to your dream college? Can that score define who you are?

Sofia Londres, junior student from the EARJ community, is starting to worry about her future outside of school. She is having to think about where she wants to go to college, what career to practice and her future.

Sofia has been starting to work on her future since she became a high schooler. She has been capable of staying sane by using many strategies to get rid of her stress; such as locking herself in her room and crying randomly and being moody all the time. Sofia confirmed by saying: “I know I have mood swings sometimes because of the frustration I face during the week. But I know it is my only obligation as a teenager, get good grades and go to a good college.” Although she is frustrated because of the workload, she has been able to acquire a positive outcome. She was able to learn to organize her schedule to have enough time to do everything she needs to do. She does not do this for nothing; it is all supposed to be helpful for her future. Sofia said: “I hope this will help me in the future because I am doing all of this to get into a good university. Hopefully next year I will get my IB diploma, and then it will all be worth it.”

Sofia, like many other students, are able to handle their stress in simple ways, although some students, especially college students, are not able to handle the stress that easily. Many colleges, specially Ivy leagues, have had a huge rate of suicide caused by students that were not able to handle the stress. Berkley University stated suicide is known for being the second most common type of death within college age students . Additionally, according to Classroom Synonym, stress is the number one reason most college students (54%) drop out and do not return and Good Call says nearly 80% of college students report frequent stress and 1 in 3 a depressive episode.

Stress may be dealt with in many ways. Some people like Sofia can manage it in a simple way and some end their lives because of it. And if you feel like you are in that type of trouble, you must seek for help. Do not give up your life because of stress. Some solutions you can simply do is drop out of school, find a tutor, or even something simpler such as, talk to someone that is going through the same thing as you are. Everything can be handled, including your stress.

Written by: Valentina Londres


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