Geonna Smith indecisive and creative

Interests include: art, acting, graphic design, makeup, the whole 9 yards within creativity

I spend a lot of time on Youtube either watching beauty bloggers do makeup, or watching my three favorite gamers play the latest releases, Uberhaxornova, TheRadBrad, or Pewdiepie.

My favorite video games are usually story mode based. I'm not too interested in RPG gaming as much. The best games are the ones that typically attack your emotions, whether that's fear, sadness, happiness, etc.

So far, my life has been breezing through and occasionally hitting a few rough bumps, that's not stopping me from anything though. I plan on having a career in the film industry. Whether it means being a voice actress, on screen actress, doing makeup on actors, dressing the actors, managing CGI, editing clips, writing scripts or even being the director. Either way, I'd be pleased to end up in that industry.

I would probably travel to Atlanta for a gig due to it being the closest and one of the best with opportunities. I've never been to Atlanta, although I have been to Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, and Virginia. I've never been anywhere out west such as California or Nevada.

I have many options when it comes to a future career, but when it comes down to it, what really matters is what will give you a better life and support you financially. I've gone thought for the past few months there was no hope left for what I wanted to do, which at the time was sculpting and painting. It's a nice career but unfortunately there is not much of a big pay. I knew I definitely had an interest in cosmetology, directing short videos, clothing design, editing, and somewhat of acting but I finally came to conclusion and realized that the film industry is exactly what I've been chasing afterwards.


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