The AbsolutelyTrueDiaryof apart time Indian By::Kendra Lawrence

The Absolutely True Diary of a Part Time Indian Adobe Spark Page

By:Kendra Lawrence

Chapter 5 Explain the conversation Mr.P has with Junior

Mr. P has a conversation with Junior about his education. Mr. P convinces Arnold that he's a fighter and has to leave the reservation to get a better education. so that Junior can succeed in school.

Chapter 6 What does Junior decide he has to do and why

Junior counters their answer with one of his own: he wants to change schools. ... Junior's parents want the best for him, but they also warn him that the transition will be hard.Junior recognizes that going to a wealthy, all-white school will be a way to escape the effects of racism ... “Would not have made it through AP Literature without the printable PDFs.

Chapter 8 How does Junior react to Roger's white boy's offensive racist joke? Why is he confused about the outcome of this event? What does he think might happen?

Being Indian—not acting white—is what's making it possible for Junior to go ... This will be challenged throughout the novel as he himself becomes a link ... the Indian boys who would simply beat him up, the white boys will literally kill him. ...Obviously, Junior did survive the surgery, but he has a variety of .... One day, one of the boys, Roger, tells him a particularly offensive racist joke, and Junior .... Junior tells Gordy, "I'm an Indian can I get a white girl to love me?

Chapter 11 What is ironic about Penelope wearing a costume to look like a homeless person

Penelope goes dressed as a homeless woman. ... Junior says he's wearing his costume to protest the treatment of homeless Native Americans. ... "The first thing you have to do is change the way you look, the way you talk, ...The chapter "Halloween" is about the first time Penelope is a bit nicer to Junior and they raise money together for homeless people. ... Telling Junior that her costume is a political statement to "protest the ...

Chapter 15 How does Junior's interaction with Penelope effect their friendship and their lives?

Penelope wants to see bulimia as something she does, rather than something she is, ... As it turns out, however, their differences complement each other and contribute to the strength of their friendship.Junior is confused; he does not understand why Roger did not fight him. ... He wishes he was still friends with Rowdy because a fight between Rowdy and ... The next day, Junior tells Penelope about the attack and shows her his bruises.

Chapter 17 Why does Junior feel "Half Indian and Half White in the other?

Junior feels like an impostor because what people expect of him—acting white, acting Indian, or acting ... and for his tribe, who feel he's already failed some requirements of being Indian. ... But Roger assures Earl that he will drive Junior and Penelope home, leaving Junior ...

Chapter 21 On page 11 Alexie writes " It was a beautiful and ugly thing" about Junior's Father's gift. What does this mean?

, Alexie said I love this book! ... The truth of this statement is shown in the struggles that Junior faces as he goes through this journey in this book.

Chapter 22 What is the irony about what happened to Junior's grandmother?

Arnold laments his grandmother's death, especially since she didn't even drink alcohol.To Junior, the fact that his grandmother was killed by a drunk driver

Chapter 25 Why is Junior ashamed even though he is a hero?

Coach and from his teammates drive him to become even better, and though he's still too much ... Junior's status in Reardan is different from anything he's experienced as a “freak” in Wellpinit. and he's ashamed of being poor.

Chapter 27 Explain how the event happened and tell how the people on the rez reacted. what is the irony?

Gordy gives Arnold a book by Tolstoy who said that unhappy families are all ... Mary is dead because Junior left the rez. ... People who Shmooped this also Shmooped.

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