The Divine: My Experience By Jason Roeder

Spatial: Going into this play I wasn't very enthusiastic I've never been much of a fan of plays. Growing up in New York I've seen about 5 plays and thought the theatre plays a big role in helping the play. As I walked into the play, I found the Constans Theatre to replicate the theaters I've been to in New York. Every seat that you sat in made sure that the stage was the main focal point. When I walked I sat on the outside of the rows. This allowed to me to feel as if I had a lot of room, and made me comfortable. Bad seating in a play can lead to a bad experience, but this wasn't the case fro me. Before the play began, the room was very talkative, but this all changed as the light dimmed. When the lights dimmed, everybody went silent, and all attention went to the stage. Being comfortable with my seating, and feeling at rest I was able to enjoy the play. Setting play a huge role in living the good life. Setting can lead to stressless environment, which is key in enjoying anything in life. The good life is all about enjoying life and this all the starts with the environment around an individual

Constans Theatre

Social: For this play I went with my friend Mitch. In order to get ready for the play we went and had a good dinner to start a positive environment. Attending the play with Mitch served as a great idea. During the intermission and at the end of the play we were able to talk about each aspect of the play. This only enhanced my experience because it allowed me to gain a whole new perspective about the play. The good life is all about surrounding yourself with the right people. With me going with my friend Mitch, I surrounded myself in a positive environment, which allowed me to enjoy the moment even more

Cultural and Intellectual: The central issue discussed in the play was was social divide between the upper class and the lower class. This was demonstrated in the play as it took place in the play. Going into the play I knew majority of the content discussed due to my many years of studying U.S. history in high school. After watching the performance, my views on the main issue didn't really change. The play actually opened up my eyes on how it portrayed this years election. This is because people of the middle and lower class voted on somebody who shared the same values of them instead of a regular politician.

Emotional Experience: This play can be an example of katharsis due to mocking the upper class, when only the upper class can watch the play due to the cost. Due to the play mocking the upper class, the spectator (the upper class) will be able to see their flaws an see how their actions can be changed from their mistakes.

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