Los Glaciares Nacional Park, Argentina

Los Glaciares National Park (Spanish: Parque Nacional Los Glaciares, "Glaciers National Park") is a federal protected area in Santa Cruz Province, Argentina. ... The park's name refers to the giant ice cap in the Andes range that feeds 47 large glaciers, of which 13 flow towards the Atlantic Ocean.

Has a mountain covered with snow and in a part of the park connects with the sea

Argentina is a place that is beautiful that you can go and visit the place and have fun in theire and is a beautiful.

The view that has the park is very beautiful since the sea reaches the skirt of the mountains and the sky is be super blue

The glaciares immediately: immediately began to thaw and there would be a flood affecting the small villages that are nearby

The snow that has the mountain is white like cotton also the park can be snowboarding for people to have fun

Regulars flights of unites states to the international airport of buenos aires to el Calafate International Airport in el Calafate, only a few kilometers far from this town Another option from buenos aires is international airpot in rio gallegos (320 km far from El Calafate). From there, bus lines or taxis to el calafate through paved r

The airport of argentina the main one is super beautiful since it has a good view its structure is of good quality is one of the best airport

In my opimion is very important is very important that this place stay as it so that our future generations can enjoy theses marial of the environmental that is unique

The view that has the park does not compare to any that is one of the best park in the world that exists
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