Food poverty What is food poverty?

Food poverty is when families can't afford food anymore and can't afford to put proper meals on their table.

In 2016 a survey has said that "8 million people in UK are struggling to put food on their table". 3 million people are at the risk of becoming so.

What affect does it have on people?

It has a big affect on people's health. Why? People who barely have the money , will spend the money they have got on cheaper food like microwave meals, which will have a big impact on their health.

Poor diet is one of the reasons ( this means the person is not eating properly and is not gettin all the vitaminsd they need). Poor diet has a risk on health and contributes to the development of obesity and cancer or heart diseases.

There is some cases where people can't afford any money, not even on the cheapest food at the supermarket. 1-6 parent have gone without food themselves so they could feed the rest of their family (children).

Although this is a big issue in UK and rest of the world , the U.K. Government is trying to tackle the food poverty. Around the UK there is lots of food banks that provide the food for the poor and help the families. Food banks give out basic food to poor families like (juice, cereal and cans of tuna, soup).

What can we do to help?

Sometimes supermarkets do donations, where you can donate food from your shopping list like tea or can of soup?

2.9 million pounds were spent on food banks.

Don't forget families with no money can't afford food, but they can't even think for a second about other activities or opportunities that average person enjoys.

By Vilte Verbickaite

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