Science Project By Joseph Gonzalez

The mid Ocean Ridge is being pulled apart by tension and it creates mountains on land or under water there is a Atlantic mid ocean ridge and its effects there are big because now there is a lot of volcanoes there even mud volcanoes.
Continental divergent plate boundaries are moving away from each other and when they do they can create lakes or even oceans this is caused by tension this is happening at the east Africa rift valley.
Convergent plate boundaries are moving toward each other because of compression which makes mountains or volcanoes Mount Everest the tallest mountain in the world was created by convergent boundaries.
Due to compression a Oceanic plate and a Continental plate are moving towards each other and the oceanic is going underneath the continental plate this can create ocean trenches and lots of active volcanoes one good example is the Mariana's trench.
A transform boundary is when 2 plates move past each other and creates earthquakes and sometimes even moves the locations of lakes and rivers this can reshape ocean ridges the type of stress making this happen is shear one good example of this is san francisco.

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