The Special Toy By: Marco Signoretto

It was a sunny and happy day for the republicans. January 20, 2017. Crowds gathered the White House as Donald Trump was to be sworn into office and many people were happy, and some were angry. Although it was absolutely freezing outside, people would stand their ground to celebrate and protest.

Almost every square inch of the White House was covered with citizens. This was also because all the way across the street Bellagios bakery door was wide open and the smell of pastries fulfilled the crowd that surrounded the White House with delight.

I bet many people stayed just for that because the smell would distract them from the fact that no one could feel their fingers or toes

Many people in the crowd were just average citizens, but then there was derensalo, the democratic man beast. It seemed as Derensalo was the only person to stand out in the crowd.


Citizens were either protesting or cheering, he wasn't doing either. In fact, Derensalo was just very sad.

Republican Political Party

He was soon to be revoked from his position at the White House because he wasn't proper material for the Republican Party which was absurd to him. But to most people it was the right decision to make

Democratic Political Party

For derensalo this was the worst day ever. It was his birthday and being a member of the opposing political party to this past election, he was angry about everything. He felt as he was born into the wrong time period.

The main problem wasn't that Derensalo is being revoked from the White House, but it is because no one bought him a present for his birthday. This made derensalo very sad, more sad than ever before in his entire life. But it doesn't exclude the fact that he has always been sad on every single birthday of his.

Lonely Childhood

It's even worse that Derensalo Watson was born on January 20,1979. Once he was born he was taken from his parents because of the terrible environment they had set for him, tho derensalo was relieved, he still misses them everyday. Even though Derensalo never had his real parents around for the love, care, and support, it was for the best because derensalo had big hopes and dreams for his future.

Being ignored

Derensalo predicted that no one would give him a present, and so far he was correct. He yelled out loud in a loud firm tone, "No one will ever get me anything nice for my birthday". Everyone in the crowd around him just ignored what Derensalo was shouting and kept focusing on President elect Donald J. Trump. Seconds away from trump finishing his oath into office, and the people in the crowd just stared as if they were under some sort of mind control. Loud and clearly you could hear the final words, "And so help me God".

Trump giving a (Special Toy)

Trump handed Derensalo the box, and when he opened it he was surprised to see what it was. A special toy! A letter to Derensalo that said he was to keep his position in the White House. Derensalo was the happiest person in the world at the time. Derensalo wanted to receive some sort of present/toy that he was never ablye to get when he was young. Also of course keep his position at the White House.


It was a great mixture of both to give Derensalo the boost he needed to be happy again and pursue his dream job in the White House.He started his job the next day at the White House again, and over the course of 4 years of hard work to make America great again, Derensalo Watson became part of the Republican Party.


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