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GBWhatsapp apk:

If you have an Android, by then, I am sure that you parents have presented WhatsApp as WhatsApp is driving messaging application for PDAs and immense measures of people are using WhatsApp to send texts, photos, chronicles, and impressively more anyway today I will give to you about the GBWhatsApp.

Some may have gotten some answers concerning it, and if you haven't, in this article you will clear up its features and how to present on your contraption as well, so keep scrutinizing the guide!

gbwa is an adjusted version of power WhatsApp that has stacks of amazing features which isn't available on the authority WhatsApp.

It is a custom MOD for the authority WhatsApp that opens various features and settings that are not available on the official version of the WhatsApp.

In like manner, customers can temperament executioner twofold ticks, blue ticks; cover the status see, custom themes and significantly more. As opposed to the WhatsApp, GBWhatsApp puts the update through which customers can download from any website page or bookmark and get the latest update of GBWhatsApp. As such, customers can use this App for the whole deal with no issue. So see its features! You can in like manner download moviebox application from here.

Features of GBWhatsApp

Customers can incorporate stickers from outcast applications.

GBWhatsApp has stick talks most remote point to 30.

GBWhatsApp allows customers to sort message by most settled and freshest.

Customers can change the history denied message from the contact once-over or social affair profile.

In GBWhatsApp, customers can pick all the discussion right this minute from the home screen of the application.

It moreover engages a forward most remote point for Indian customers.

GBWhatsApp lets to stamp as a read message from notice.

Customers can play their primary tunes and play WhatsApp video as well.

Customers don't have to keep reaching the image for sending a long video as it engages the blasted voice recording.

It has the "Auto Reply" incorporate so in wild timetable set auto-answer message then a message will be sent and even you can ban get-togethers or contacts from an auto-answer.

A social event depictions header will look like run of the mill status in GBWhatsApp.

It has the "Incorporate Payment" elective through which customers can pay by methods for record.

GBWhatsApp supports more than a hundred vernaculars, and customers can send a convey message to 600 people right this minute.

Customers can add effects to the photos and accounts before sending the message to partners.

GB WhatsApp allows customers to send up to 100 reports as soon as possible and extra various stories too.

It has another Android Oreo Emojis and joins the DND mode to injure the web relationship with the GBWhatsApp application.

Customers can in like manner cover their last watched, blue ticks, second tick and considerably more.