Poetry Kellie Cool

The winter day ends

She walks across the grimy streets

Broken and loney

The lighting slowly burns out

Along with her blackened soul

Suffering, beat, and broken

She stretched across the streets

And slowly, she fades away


Faster and faster

He was beating me

I had to run

Faster than him

I had to be the best

I had to push harder

Even though I knew

He would always be better

He would always be faster

He was cold-hearted

He was a monster

He was the villain

While I was the hero

He took over our world

There was no stopping him

For I knew that

He would always be better

He would always be faster

Every time I hear his name

I get an empty feeling

What was his name?

His name was Speed

And, as I race him through the streets

I think to myself

One day

One day I’ll be better

One day I’ll be faster

I could hear it following me

I could hear its heavy footsteps coming around the corner

I could hear it breathing

It was after me

So I stood there

Because I knew that I could never escape it

I lay in the darkness of my room

Wide awake

I look at the clock

It flashes, 1:00 A.M.

I stare at the ceiling

I hear breathing


I know that the monsters aren’t just in my head this time

This is Just to Say

by William Carlos Williams

I have eaten

the plums

that were in

the icebox

and which

you were probably


for breakfast

Forgive me

They were delicious

So sweet

And so cold


I like writing dark or scary poetry. I feel like it's easier for me. I'm not really sure why though, I'm just better at it. I'm drawn normally to freestyle. I think it helps you express yourself more instead of having to constantly having to follow rhyms or patterns. I really like writing poetry. I'm not a huge fan of studying already written poetry though. I would like to continue writing poetry. I am proud of all my work. I feel that, if I have the right inspiration, I can be a very good poet.


I chose the poems that I wrote because I think they are some of my best works. I spent a time on these poems instead of trying to get it done fast just to turn it in on time. I chose the poem by W.C. Williams because something about it makes it very calming and relaxing.


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