One Word: Identity A new form of expression

One Word: Identity

One Word: Identity was 529 Arts Avenue's pop up debut show in Brooklyn New york on July 29th, 2016.

the Interactive Gallery exhibit featured in in-depth interview documentary on identity from males from different racial backgrounds. from these interviews, Resident artists Emmanuel Knight (The serial Doodlist) and Gerard Thelemaque (the Pixelist) create a visual gallery telling each interviewed participant's story visualizing their words into art.

One work is a series that represents a public discussion, an open forum on modern topics such as social justice, race,community and culture to name a few. This series takes a single word from these topics and allows a group of participants ranging from different backgrounds, ages and races to define the target word in their own words followed with a group of questions.

What makes One Word special is it's ability to bring different perspectives to one concept from many perspectives. How we achieve this is through creating a documentary featuring of these interviews filled by a gallery exhibition of visual narrative of these stories through symbolism, storybording and other forms of visual and sequential art.

The next One Word....

Our next One Word will be on mental health with two target words, depression and anxiety. This will be the a larger project with more then just two artist. This will feature over 20 artist and participants bring larger views stories and different interpretations from creative eyes.
We are looking for your support for the next installment of One word..

Here is a bit more on the project and a link to our founding page. Thank you for your support and we will keep you updated.

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