Yifei Xu ESL 186 Summer 2019: Dayamudra's class

Hi!Guys!Here is Yifei!

  • Hi, everyone! My name is Yifei Xu. I am Chinese.
  • In China, I used to be a nurse, and I had been working for eight years as a registered nurse before I came to the United States.
  • I arrived in America one year ago. I like listening to music, jogging, and traveling in my free time.
  • I started studying my first ESL credit course at City College of San Francisco this summer semester. I want to grow in the medical industry in the future.
  • The reason why I choose this class is I want to improve my English, and my goals for this class are communicating English confidently, mastering English grammar, and improving English writing skills. If I can speak English with no worries and write an essay in English with no grammar mistakes that I will know I have met these three goals.
  • Even though it's still a big challenge for me to learn, I firmly think that I will do great !

First of all, I want to say something about how we can improve our reading skills .

This is our reading book in this Summer Semester:Gulp

We read two chapters a week and have weekly group discussions on reading .On every Friday,we have Breakfast Club,One-Pagers and Gallery Walk.

These are my One-Pagers! Through my favorite way of drawing,I can get a better understanding of reading the main contents of the book!
The newspaper and the magazine we read in our class. These are all written by our school students themselves. I'm so proud of them! It gives me the motivation to improve my reading skills.

My group:Purple Hummingbird!We are discussing the reading questions of Gulp and The Guardsman.

Thank you so much for the photos taken for us by our dear teacher,Daya!!!

Our Breakfast Club and Gallery Walk of Friday!!The day I look forward to most every week!!TGIF!!

Through these activities, I have increased my communication with my classmates. When we get together to read and analyze the main points of an article and exchange our views with each other, it help me to get a better understanding of different kinds of the text so that it can put forward my reading methods, which is of great help to improve my reading ability.

Second,I want to say something about how we can improve our grammar, sentence structure, and vocabulary.

This is our grammar book in this Summer Semester:Grammar and Beyond 4

We learned four units a week and we did some exercises in the book and our workbook.

Here are my some notes of grammar, sentence structure, and vocabulary. Take notes by myself can deepen my understanding in class.
Every week we have workshops in our CLAD. We are listening to the teacher in CLAD.

The 12 Basic Verb Tenses

  1. How to Form it?
  2. When to Use it?
  3. What are the Common Errors in Form?
  4. What are the Common Errors in Meaning?
  5. What do you Need to Remember?

The picture above shows the 12 basic verb tenses that I learned in CLAD.

Whether in or out of class,I have learned more about grammar,sentence structure, and vocabulary .In CLAD,we can improve our skills by tutoring,workshop and other CLAD activities.There is a saying in China that a bad pen is better than a good memory.Thereby,take notes is also a good way to deepen the understanding.

Third,I want to say something about how we can improve our essay writing skills.

This is how our teacher taught us how to write a summary and analysis of the article, how to use transitions, and how to write an essay with five paragraphs in the end.
My teacher, Daya, wrote the contents on the whiteboard patiently in order to make us more understanding of how to write an article.

After learning, I finally got grades from 40 points in the first In-Class Writing to 48 points in the second In-Class Writing! Although I made significant progress, I still keep moving!

This is the book about writing, Daya gave me on the eve of American Independence Day. At first, I thought there were too many words in this book so that it would be difficult for me to read. Now I change my mind, and I really like it. There are paintings that I love so much. I think it is a gift for everyone in ESL 186, and it motivated me to study writing harder.

Through attending class and class practice, I have improved my writing skills. But there are still many shortcomings. I hope to improve myself through future efforts and make my writing skills a higher level.

At last,I want to say something about how we can use integrate credible academic sources to support writing assignments, using basic citation.

This is a website tells us that why citation of sources is important when writing.

According to the website of Falcon Scientific Editing,in the article(2016)"6 Reasons Why Citation of Sources is Important When Writing",Neeraja Sankaran, PH.D.states that

1. Attribution serves as a fact-checking tool.

2. Citation makes you a better researcher.

3. Good citation practices make you a better writer.

4. A good bibliography shows off your scientific knowledge.

5. Careful citation practices will build your credibility as a scientist or scholar.

6. Citation enables better verification of your work.

This is how our teacher taught us how to write basic citation in class.

In this class, we mainly read the book of Gulp, which provides a lot of information for our writing practice of using basic citation.

This is my article in the second In-Class Writing. We have to write the name of the book, the name of the author, and the citation with quotes correctly if you want to write a nice sentence.
At the end of the article, we must write the source of the quotation, which not only respects the original author but also makes us to write a good essay.

By reading the book of Gulp, I have improved my skills that using integrate credible academic sources to support writing assignments, using basic citation . By constantly summarizing and analyzing the reading materials, we can better express our views in writing.

I am very grateful that I can study at ESL 186 with you guys. I am so happy to recognize Daya and many talented classmates. I am very thankful to my group, Purple hummingbird, they bring me joy and encouragement every day. Thank you all of you. I hope we all have a good life and study in the future.

We are family!
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