Otto von Bismarck Alexis Chance

Otto von Bismarck is a man that is quite powerful. He was respected and well known in Germany and many other places. He was feared by people because he started many wars and usually won them. Bismarck was in office but was asked to leave because of the wars. One time Austria feared competition toward a powerful German nation that might have arose in Central Europe. France and Russia were also afraid of this happening.

A war broke out with France, it was called the Franco-Prussian War. France didn't want to be dominated by the Protestant nation. Bismarck convinced the South to form a military alliance with Prussia for protection against France before the war. Hoped this war with France would lead to a political unity. France wanted to go to war aswell. Bismarck ended up releasing a telegram to the press. He edited it to where it looked like the Prussian King and French ambassadors were rude to each other. Both nations felt as if they were insulted so France declared war on July 15, 1870.

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