What do we do ?

Our company specializes in manufacturing the best and most efficient duster. Our company makes sure that our customers are satisfied with our amazing product. Our dusters offer customers satisfaction as they clean dust no like no other.

What is our new product ?

Our product is a the new and original Sponge duster. The sponge duster is made of small sponges that were later combined and a metal to help your reach places that you couldn't before.The sponge duster's target audience is adults ages 28 to 60 with families.

What does it do ?

What our sponge duster does is that it allows you to reach dust anywhere in your home and clean it. Our sponge can be used on furniture to take the dust off efficiently and to make your house look brand new. The sponge creates a variety of ways to clean dust effectively, such as using soap or water.the sponge duster is very easy to clean, just rinse it out with water.


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