Imogen Cunningham april 12, 1883 - june 23, 1976

Imogen Cunningham is known for her nudes, botanical and industrial landscape photography

Her signature was making sharply focused, close up studies of plant life and unconventional views of industrial structures and modern architecture. Concerned with light, form, and abstract pattern

The camera Cunningham primarily used was the 4x5 Revolving back Graflex with an 8 inch Tessar lens

Cunningham primarily utilizes light photography with negative space to focus on specific details of plants and flowers. In her nudes, however, the photo is darker with dark surrounding space and a slightly lighter tone on the body to contrast.

Cunningham has no apparent early influences, and has always been relatively straight-forward with her pictures. She was getting a degree and Washington University when she independently discovered her love for photography.

I was unable to find any stories behind Cunningham's pictures.

I like that her work is solely black and white, which is what drew me to pick her in the first place. Her work is fairly simple, which is something I would change because I like beautiful, complex work.

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