Alley of the Kiss By jose g

The alley of kiss Or El Callejon Del Beso

This is the story about two young people who lived and died in Mexico. There was Carlos, adorned with the best moral qualities, hard-working, honest. Then Ana, She was as beautiful and pure as an angel, lovely and single. With these loose conditions they fell in love,and as the weeks passed by they thought of a big marriage. Ana's mother blessed them while her father did not approve of the marriage and forbade Carlos from seeing Ana.

Then the couple refused his attitude and kept seeing each on the balcony every night when Ana's father was asleep. Then on one night, a tragedy had occurred. The father woke up in the middle of the night and got a knife from his bureau and without warning, went to the balcony and stab Ana in the chest in front of Carlos. Carlos took his lover’s white hand and two tears fell down. With a big kiss Carlos said good bye to his eternal love: Ana who died on the Alley of the kiss.

Created By
Jose Gomez


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