Pythons by:Aj

Slither… Pounce...Squeeze….Kill… Who does this? It’s a PYTHON!! Are you curious to learn more about pythons? Well read on to find out more.

Where do they live?

Pythons like hot places. I'm going to tell you three of the places that they live in, Africa. Asia and Australia

Pythons live in many places like rainforest , deserts and grasslands. They like hot places the most so they live in a lot of other places including Thailand. Sometimes they live in trees and sometimes they live on the ground. They usually hang out in water because their bodies are too big and heavy so they get tired easily when they are slithering on the ground. They like swamps and rivers Do you want to know why? because they can find food easily.

Types of pythons

Do you want to know all the types of pythons? Well here they are. There is a green tree python. The green tree python is green, white and sometimes yellow on the bottom to blend in with trees.

The normal pythons usually have patterned skins with the colours brown, white and sometimes black. Siamese pythons look a lot like normal pythons except the top of the normal python is swampy green.

What they can eat

Pythons can eat many different things. The things that they mostly eat are small things like rats mice and frogs. They also sometimes eat big things like gazelles and sometimes even lions! If they eat large things it can take hours for them to swallow their large prey.

python's use camouflage to hide.

What do pythons look like.

Most pythons have patterns of brown ,yellow, white gray or black so if you see those colors in a long and sometimes fat shape, then watch out because that is a python. Some pythons are as long as a school bus.

The python sticks out its forked tongue to smell if dinner is near or if danger is near. Pythons grab their prey with their sharp curved teeth their teeth are curved in because if they That pythons can squeeze you till you die they squeeze you on your neck and your belly they squeeze you ten times harder than you can squeeze them.

pythons are amazing!


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