Williamsburg Trip 2017 Ann Wager by Bailey Hecht


This is a replica of the Susan Constant. It was one of the 3 original ships that sailed to Jamestowne.

This is called a Traverse Board. Each half an hour a sailor will mark what direction the ship was going for the past half hour. They would do this 8 times to fill their 4 hour shifts. It was made out of wood, rope and pins. Its use was to help navigate and figure out which way the ship was going. It was first introduced by the English.


This is the capital building that held all of the colonial government in Virginia.


This is the Wythe house. I would not visit this house due to our different social statuses.

This is the room where George Wythe taught important men such as Thomas Jefferson law. In this room there was a globe, many shells and artifacts as well as scientific reports.

My favorite item in this room was the microscope. It was so cool how close up you could see everyday objects.


The blacksmith shop was warm and smelled like smoke.

Here you can buy metal items such as door hinges, locks, and knuts, and bolts.

The way you purchase these products is you order what you want in advance.

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