Village of Hobart Wisconsin Ella Sobieck

Hobart Map

Village of Hobart

2990 S. Pine Tree Road

Hobart, WI 54155

Village Board Contact List

Lear Lane Multi-Family Development Plan etc.

Lear Lane Development Plan:

The Village of Hobart decided that they wanted to create a multi-family residency consisting of apartments, duplexes, and homes. The Village of Hobart decided she to team up with Centennial Centre hoping for a efficient, well-built facility. Along with the residencies, they decided to build retail/commercial buildings such as restaurants, coffee shops, grocery stores, barbers/hair salons, etc. the village, thinking of the people, hoped for a successful, and convenient place for the people of the village. Also building professional services like care doctors, verterinarians, and financial planners. I agree with the village because the place where I live is at least 7 miles away from everything, both from Pulaski and Green Bay. Having these buildings and places creates more business and more efficiency for the people. This build broke ground in January of 2015 starting with a small 2-story apartment building.

Other Issues/Concerns:

Renewing the previous approval for an additional 12 months.

Approve cold Storage Building, installation of fuel island canopy and wall.

Building maintenance and associated parching and storage yard.

Proposed ground mounted signs.

Town Sign

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