George FridericHandel

george frideric handel composed operas, oratoios, and instramentals

George F. Handel was born on Feb. 23, 1685 in Halle,Germany. His parents were George and Dorothea Handel. Handel loved to study music since he was a young boy. His father did not approve of him studying music he didn't think he would get a realistic source of income. On the other hand his mother was very supportive, and thought he has a talent. With his mom's cooperation he began practicing in secret from his father.

As a young boy Handel had the opportunity to play an organ for the duke’s court in Weissenfels. There is where he met composer and organist Frideric Wilhelm Zachow. Zachow saw that Handel had potential, so he took him under his wing and allowed him to become one of this students. At age 10 Handel had mastered composing organ, violin, and oboe.

With the help of Zachow George was able to master composing organ, violin, and oboe at age 10.
From age 11-16 George composed music for small audiences. Even though his father still didn't approve of all of this, he told his father he would attened the University of Halle. He did attened but, he didnt stay for long.
In 1703 Handel was 18yrs old, when he decided to commit himself completely to music. He accepted a violin's position at the Hamburg Opera's Goose Market Theater.

During this time in his life if he wasn't playing the violin, he would be teaching private music lessons. He did this because he wanted to pass on what he leaned from Zachow. In 1705 he made his debut as an opera composer with Almira. He produced several operas with the Royal Academy of Music in England, before forming the New Royal Academy of Music in 1727. When Italian operas became un trendy, he began composing oratorios.

One of the most famous oratorios in history is the "Messiah."

George F. Handel died in 1759. He was 74 when he pasted away.

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