Nebraska Sandhill Cranes Day 2

Day 2 started before sunrise on the river.

The cranes gather in the river at night to roost. The river gives safety.

They take off in the morning as it starts getting light. The head out to the fields to feed.

The sunrise
Wendy photographing the cranes
Looking the other direction on the river -- away from the sunrise

We saw people heading away from the river in the morning. Were they leaving the photography blinds?

Are those the blinds?! If so, they're right by the birds!!

And now -- out to the fields!

They eat the corn and also dig in the ground for invertebrates. Sometimes you could see their muddy beaks.

I was fun watching the flights. They move their entire body -- not just the wings. And when the come in to land, they look like paratroopers

They dance!

After roaming the fields all day --

Jeff and I headed back to the river. At the Crane Trust, we rented a spot on the bridge tour to watch them come into the river that evening.

First, there were red winged blackbirds -- lots of them!

And then we saw the flock fly in!!

But wait -- those aren't sandhill cranes, those are snow geese! v after v of snow geese flying overhead.

We didn't have a lot of cranes flying in that evening. Though we had some.

They went the other direction

But it was a nice end to a great day!

Stay tuned for day three!

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