The Fawn of the Meadow By darby manning and GABRIELLA grazioli

One bright and sunny day, a young fawn woke up in a grassy meadow. She blinked sleep from her eyes and wondered, "Where is my mommy?"

The little fawn wandered over to the river that separated the forest from the meadow and saw a goose swimming in the water. "Have you seen my mommy?" The doe asked the goose.

"No, but I can help you look for her," said the kindly goose. "Thank you!" exclaimed the relieved little fawn, and they set out to look for the doe's mother.

"Perhaps we should look in the forest," the goose told the fawn after they had walked away from the river, "It's probably there that your mother went."

The doe agreed, and they both made their way to the forest by the meadow, not stopping along the way.

When they got to the forest, though, they discovered a rabbit munching on some grass under a huge willow tree. "Hello, rabbit," said the doe, "will you help us find my mother?" To that the rabbit responded, "Yes, of course. It is good to help others and to make new friends." The rabbit smiled and followed the pair into the wood, and closer to the fawn's mother.

The three friends walked deeper into the undergrowth of the forest, and soon the fawn became frightened of the darkness. "Goose? Rabbit? Are you afraid of the darkness of the forest?" "Not when I have friends to help me," said the goose. "Me too," confessed the rabbit. The fawn then smiled and felt happier since she realized that her friends were there to help her, and that it is easier to reach a goal with friends by her side.

After walking for many hours, the trio of friends came upon a light spot in the dark forest. In the beautiful sunlight stood a tan doe, calling out for her baby. "Hello? Anyone? I woke up and my baby was gone! Can anyone help me find her?" said the fawn's mother.

"Momma!" the fawn yelled, and she threw herself at her mother, relieved to be found at last. The mother nuzzled her little fawn, and all felt well again.

The rabbit and the goose looked on at their friend, happy that she had completed her journey. "Momma, I missed you! My friends and I went all over trying to find you, and finally we did. I could not have done it without Goose and Rabbit, for they helped me so much," said the fawn, "When I was afraid, the goose and the rabbit made me feel safe, and when I needed to know where to look, the goose helped me find my way."

With that, the rabbit and the goose said good-bye to their dear friend and departed to go back to their normal lives, but still visited often, as their adventure bonded them all together with a tie that never broke.

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