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Bankin is a phone application that can be downloaded in both Android and iOS that can manage and organize your finances all within one application. The application itself is very modern and up-to-date, it has a very friendly UI; the color schemes and overall design of the application is soothing for the users. Apart from the visual aspects of the application, the features themselves are the most crucial part of the application. It can synchronize with one's credit/debit card and collect real-time transactions that are made. For example, if one goes to McDonald's and buys a meal with their debit card, this transaction will automatically be recorded in the application and also be categorize under "Food". There are dozens of categories that transactions can fall under and the more users use their debit cards, the more accurate the application will be when constructing a budget chart indicating how much money was spent in each given category.

Social Media Strategy: Blogs/Vlogs

In the age of paid advertisements, people have grown numb to the inderect and mass advertising in conventional media outlets. There is a new and more effective method for marketing nowadays which is highly impactful for the intended audiences and that is 'earned media'. Earned media is one out of 3 types of methods for advertising. It has the highest credibility amongst its audience however, it is very diffcult to monitor and control when it comes to the audience's reaction. We plan to achieve this earned media by implementing the following strategy. The social media strategy that we aim to implement is to promote the application through renowned bloggers and vloggers online. This will be done selectively, a special promo code will be sent the b/vloggers so that the audience that they reach will profit from the advertisement. One of the costs involved in this advertisement will be to pay the v/blogger to make a video or write a blog about the application, and through this, there will be further online sharing generated freely by the viewers. Obviously, as mentioned before, the disadvantage of doing this is the unpredictability of the user's reactions as there are comment sections in the platforms where the advertisment will be posted. However, we will give a promo-code that v/blogger will share with the reached audience in order to incentivize the viewers to use the application. We believe that this is the most inexpensive, most effective, and most friendly method to advertise the targeted audience and user's for the application.


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