The Symbolism of Kites by chloe colvin 2nd period

The past is what defines us as individuals and guides us to new and better places in life."The Kite Runner," by Khaled Hosseini is about a man who struggles as a child when he betrays his friend, only to regret his past as an adult. Throughout the novel we see Hosseini write kites as the symbol of, father/friendship bonds in the beginning, memories of the past in the middle, and finally freedom for both Amir and Sohrab in the end. While kites in a way cause Amir to betray Hassan, they also play a big role in him excepting his mistakes.
Baba and Amir have a strained relationship, but kites were always something they could bond over. The greatest prize in kite tournaments is running the last kite that was cut down and Amir believes winning the tournament and winning the last kite will revive his and Baba's relationship. In the book it says "Behind him,sitting on piles of scrap and rubble,was the blue kite. My key to Baba's heart,"(71) Amir yearns for his father's attention and he believes the only way to get it is through kites. Hassan and Amir also bonded over kites. They work as a team during the tournament and shows it when in the book Amir says,"We won, we won."(66) This shows that Amir acknowledges Hassan as a equal in winning the tournament, and not just as his servant.It seems kites bring people together no matter their social status.
Amir struggles with his past and when he sees kites he is reminded of what he did to Hassan. Amir betrayed his best friend and he still can not forgive himself for it after many years, it shows this when he says, "And suddenly Hassan's voice whispered in my head: "for you a thousand times over."(2)Hassan the harelipped kite runner." Amir remembers Hassan and the kite tournament they entered that caused the horrible actions that followed it. When Amir travels back to Afgahnistan many memories, good and bad, are brought back to light. When in Kabul Amir says,"I use to buy kites from an old man named Saifo."(246) Amir is remembering a time when Kabul wasn't a worn torn town full of despair. Kites, during the middle of the book, really symbolize the past and how much Kabul and Amir have changed
kites have caused a lot of pain in Amirs life,but by the end of the book Amir has forgiven himself and sees kites as found memories. Amir redeemed himself by saving Hassan's son,so when they're in the park Sohrab and Amir bond over kite fighting just like Amir and Hassan did. This shows when Amir says,"Then i blinked and for just a moment the hands holding the spool were the chipped-nailed,calloused hands of a harelipped boy."(370) Amir reflects on his time with Hassan while with Sohrab,he finally forgives himself by remembering a good memory of Hassan. Sohrab struggles adapting to America so when Amir says,"..the loose kite drifting above one tree. I blinked and the smile was gone. But it had been there."(371) This shows Sohrad is finally starting to embrace America. He is still struggling but maybe he is starting to forgive and forget his past.
"The Kite Runner," is a emotional roller coaster of a book and the kites throughout the novel really symbolize that. In the beginning they represent Amir's bond with his father and Hassan, the middle is about his past and how he regrets it, and the ending is about Amir's freedom from his past sins. Kites are present in all of these as the thing that causes Amir's pain to begin with to the thing that frees him in the end.


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