Inject Creativity Live Wednesday 25th August 2021

Photoshop Mix

with Joel Aarons

Media Arts teacher – Camberwell South Primary, Victoria

It's about tapping into their imagination!

While taking a photo nowadays is easy, Joel introduces students as young as Year 3 to the concepts of composition, so they can think more about what they are photographing and how.

Joel uses Photoshop Mix for the following reasons:

Joel shared examples of manipulation, cutting out, perspective and layering in Photoshop Mix created by his Year 4 students:

Joel stresses that all of the concepts came from the students - he introduced them to the app, and to the concepts of design they needed - the students took it from there.

The teachers even got in on it too!

Joel's daughter has been flexing her creativity during lockdown by using Photoshop Mix as well.

Joel then shared with us a live example of a photo of his daughter, who went to Book Week as a Hobbit - so he added a Hobbit hole as a layer, and then painted using the addition and subtraction brushes in Mix to add her to the scene, using the auto-detect first, then finetuning it from there:

Joel pointed out that the app is non-destructive - he accidentally gave his daughter a haircut, so can go back in with the addition brush, or a softer 'feathered' brush, to add her curls back in to the image.

He even painted out her legs to make it look like she was behind the gate.


Adobe Education Summit 2021 (APAC)


The 2021 APAC Adobe Education Summit is being held as an online event on Wednesday 29th September.

This event is open to any educator in any sector, level and curriculum area.

It is going to be a wonderful event involving presentations and news from the global Adobe Education Team, Classroom success stories and inspiration from local Adobe Education Leaders and lots more.

It is a free event and you can register your interest to be involved via adobe.ly/edu-summit21

Please share this link with your colleagues and wider education networks and keep that day free. It is a school holiday period for most of you.

If you are a member of the Adobe Education Leader community, there is a special day just for you the day prior on Tuesday 28th September.

If you are an Adobe Creative Educator or have at least enrolled in level 1 of the ACE program, there is a Creativity Challenge Day for you - and the AELs on Thursday 30th September. More information about these extra days will be sent directly to you.

Thought Leadership Segment

EduTECH 2021

Dr Kitchen, Rob the Robot and over 20 Adobe Education Leaders were involved in the Adobe Seminar Session. You can watch the whole of the pre-recorded session in the August update newsletter.

Part of the Seminar featured a tribute to Sir Ken Robinson.

Tim deeply believes in the power of creativity to transform education, evidenced by the demand for creativity skills in industries.

For more information about the studies Tim mentioned in his talk, go to:


Next time...

Our next Inject Creativity Live event will be on Wed 8th September at 6.30 PM AEST, with AEL presenter (the talented) Mark Christie, from the NT Department of Education, and (the inspiring) AEL Juliette Bentley who will be our Thought Leader.

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