My Trip to New Zealand Bo ressler

In the Summer of 2010 Me my Brother and sister went to live in Queenstown New Zealand for the summer. We lived with my uncle and went snowboarding or did some other cool activity almost everyday

The flight takes twenty long hours to get to Auckland. Then you have to fly from Auckland to Queenstown which takes another two hours.

When we landed it was cold it was around -10 degrees Celsius. Me and my brother didn't realize it would be so cold and were both still wearing shorts and t-shirts.

This was one of the fish we saw when we went to the underwater hotel in New Zealand. Your room is completely glass and you sleep with fish and other animals swimming around your room. I can honestly say i have never experienced anything else like that.

This is a picture of me my brother and my sister on the Remarkables mountain snowboarding. Since New Zealand is on the other side of the world when its summer there it is cold and snowy.

This picture is me bungee Jumping off a bridge. The bridge was 204 meters high so the fall was about 660 feet. It was one of the most scary things in my life but after I did it I wanted to do it Again.

At the end of the summer we finally took the long flight home and returned to Cary.

Since the time difference we were very jet lagged. The flight was 22 hours but since New Zealand is 18 hours ahead of Cary when we got back it was like we left only four hours ago. Getting over the jet lag from this was terrible.

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