Observational Assignment Emma Miller

The Event

  • Driving down Troy Rd. (off of Coddington)
  • Thin road, snowbanks, difficult parking situation, very little room for pedestrians to walk
  • Students don't see a car coming, or are wearing all black......
Photo of 112 Troy Rd. taken from Google Maps

What's the issue?

  • With no Uber/limited access to cab services, students resort to walking a large portion of the time
  • No sidewalks = harder to see in dark, harder to walk places, higher risk of being involved in some kind of traffic accident
  • Examples of streets with no sidewalk or poor sidewalk safety: Hudson Pl. (off Coddington), Danby Rd. towards S. Aurora St., Pennsylvania Ave., Kendall Ave.
  • All areas with student housing --> common destinations

Why is this newsworthy?

  • According to notes we've taken in class.....
  • Proximity: this is a phenomenon occurring across Ithaca, and is relevant for both Cornell and IC students
  • Impact: since parking situation at IC is troublesome, lots of students are forced to walk
  • Expose the dangers of poor roadside safety for college students

Other things to consider before continuing...

  • Have there been traffic accidents involving pedestrians not walking on sidewalks due to snow/lack of space?
  • Consider the measures being currently implemented by the town to fix the situation, and ask: why aren't colleges taking action?
  • How has the new policy affected pedestrian safety in the constructed areas since 2013?

Important information needed

  • Police reports: information on traffic accidents
  • Talk to students who don't have vehicles on campus
  • Town officials: why is the area immediately surrounding IC not included in the plans? Why focus on improving sidewalks when many areas don't even have any?
  • How much it would cost to repave some roads around IC's campus or add sidewalks

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