Poverty in California A solution to one of our biggest problems


We want to contribute to the Global Goal of ending poverty. Specifically, our goal is to improve the living conditions of those around us who are living in poverty. We want to give them supplies that will not only improve their current situations, but also give them a chance to jumpstart their future.


"California has the highest poverty rate in America"

-Forbes Magazine

As recently as 2015, California was not even considered to be in the top 15 most poor states.

In 2017, California is the MOST poor state in the USA.

This is a clear problem and we feel motivated to make a change because it directly affects those around us.

Brown Paper Bag Movement

Fill a brown paper bag with supplies such as nonperishable foods, clothes, and job listings.

1. Stock Up

2. Pack Up

3. Distribute


One class period in which we bring all the supplies and pack the bags.

Then, it's distribution time

Potential Ways of Distribution:

1️⃣Class Field Trip OR 2️⃣Individually


Each student brings 1 paper bag, 3 items of food, 1 new piece of clothing, and finds 1 potential job nearby

End Result: Each student will have a full bag and as a class, we will combine all of the job listings and print them onto a slip that goes in the bag

Don't you want to be as 😁 as this woman❓🆒


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