Leonardo Da Vinci by: Jasmine Mehdizadeh

Da Vinci From April 15, 1452, to May 2, 1519

The Great One

Does Leonardo Da Vinci ring a bell? He painted many great paintings such as the Mona Lisa. Well, he did paint many more paintings, but the most famous has to be the Mona Lisa. The eyes that follow you no matter where you go and the smile is like she is happy but not at the same time. Leonardo Da Vinci has many more jobs than just an artist. With all the other things he does, he also makes his own paint like in one of the painting he put to much oil in it.

The Eyes

The Mona Lisa is the most famous paint in the world (located at the louvre in paris, france.) If you have been there surely you have looked into the eyes of the mona lisa and wherever you walk or go she will still stares into your eyes. You can see her smile is a little weird if you look at it. Her smile looks like she is happy and serious at the same time. Art critics still wonder why it’s like that.

More Than Just a Painter

Da Vinci was an artist as you might already know but he did not just have one job. “Leonardo da Vinci was a painter, architect, inventor, and student of all things scientific this was all from (1452-1519.)” you can read more at History.com or softschools.com. For most of what he invented he just sketched it and someone else would design it. Da Vinci also made the design for some of the weapons the soldiers used in the war that was going on at the time.

The Paint Maker

Do you know how to make your own paint? Well, Da Vinci did; he made his own paint for his painting. He also tested how he can make the paints look better. He used his tested paint to make beautiful works of art. Some come out wrinkled because it might of had too much oil in them.

These are some of Da Vinci's most famous paintings:

  • At the top the Mona Lisa
  • Then The Last Supper,
  • With The Lady With an Ermine,
  • Last but not lest Portrait of Ginevra Benci.

The End

As everyone should know by now Leonardo Da Vinci is the most talented and famous artist in the world. Wouldn’t you agree the Mona Lisa has that weird smile and creepy eyes. Now every time you see the Mona Lisa thanks to me you will look at that and only that. I bet all of you don’t even have as many jobs as Da Vinci. I hope you now you learned a thing or two about Leonardo Da Vinci. P.S did you know that some of his painting can combine together and they match look →

This the Mona Lisa and Portrait of a Man in Red Chalk

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