Plate Boundaries Made by Sapphire Engel (

Divergent Plate Boundary

There are two types of divergent plate boundaries, oceanic to oceanic continental to continental. When it is stretching magma forms and cracks the crust, sea floor spreading sediment accumulates over the oceanic crust and rifts in valleys.

Continental to continental, the plates stretch apart creating a rift valley. The East African Rift System is an example of divergent boundaries creating a rift valley (
Oceanic to oceanic, is the oceanic crust pulling apart forming mid ocean ridge. An example of this is the mid atlantic ridge. (
An example of this in the real life is the Mid Atlantic Ridge found in Iceland. It can wrap around more than 65,000 km. It was made about 0.78 million years ago, and 15 volcanoes erupted in the last century. (

Convergent Plate Boundary

Convergent Plate Boundaries move by being pushed together, there are also two parts like divergent has, oceanic to oceanic continental to continental. A subduction, a plate sinking under another, is the stress that is pushed on the plate.

The oceanic crust is pushed under the continental crust and creates a trench. An example of this Trench is Mariana Trench and Tonga Trench both in the Pacific Ocean. (
The plates get pushed together forming mountains of the surface. The continental crust pushes and the side moves under. An example of this happening is the Appalachian mountains. (
The Andes Mountains are an example of the convergent plate boundary in "action" since the mountains formed from plates pushing together. The Nazca plate and a part of the Antarctic plate have been sub-ducting beneath the South American plate. (

Transform Plate Boundary

Transform plate boundaries have a sheer force, moving past each other with force.

Stress builds up when the plates get "stuck" while they are transforming. These form earthquakes in places like California, Chile, and Japan. (
In April 2015 a earthquake killed nearly 9,000 people! This earthquake is also known as the Gorkha earthquake. The earthquake had happened to start an earthquake on Mt. Everest killing 21 people, the highest the death rate of a day on Mt. Everest is. Many people lost their homes, and all because of plates sliding against each other! (

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