Narrative Features Stations Planning Activity



For this activity you will need to:

1. Organise the class into four groups. It is suggested to organise the tables into pods if possible.

2. Assign a number to each student in each group. That student will be the, "expert" that goes to each station and takes notes. At the end of the entire activity, each student will share what they have learned (their notes) with the other students in their original group.

3. Time each station to go for anywhere between 2-10mins depending on time availability. A timer is recommended to keep things running smoothly.

4. Allow 30-60secs for students to rotate clockwise to their new station. Note: It is also suggested that you allow a further one minute for students to read the text and/or understand the requirements of that station before starting the 2-10mins to complete the activity.

5. Once students have completed every station, have each student combine their notes into a Google Doc that will be shared by the group leader to the other students.

Materials needed:

1. Academic notebooks and writing materials

2. Butcher's paper (not necessary but may helpful for some teachers)

3. Devices to share information (It is suggested that students handwrite their work, take photos and upload to their devices for sharing. However, if you feel that is not necessary, just use their devices from the beginning)


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