Intercultural Mind Erasmus plus Project

The Project In.Mind aims to foster intercultural education of young people, through respect for diversity that has become part of our everyday life, to foster a spirit of openness, interest in other cultures, mutual acceptance, the constructive exchange and enrichment of values, in a context of non-formal learning and intercultural exchange.

Through this experience, the participants have acquired "intercultural skills" to become free citizens of Europe, in the choices, in relationships, on the basis of acceptance, mutual respect and integration.

The eight days of work together have been inspired by a mix of activities, designed to encourage interaction among participants and promote learning experience dynamic and creative, in which participants have been guided to explore the complex issue of intercultural and to confront their prejudices, their fears and feelings.

The working methods, include: ice breaking, energizing, team building exercises, individual and group activities, discussions, work on practical examples in small groups, workshops, collection, preparation of materials for the realization of the final product, making of a documentary film. There was also study visits to local NGOs, meetings with experts in the field and workshop with target groups.

28th December 2016

We came at Sala Consigliare to meet each other. Countries: Lithuania, Spain, Poland, and Italy. We played many energizers and games to know each other: name games, speed dating games to understand more of the interests and experiences of the other participants and one of our favourite was “Clock”.

Lunch was good for everyone. After that, we have summarized what we have done in the morning, and it was so interesting. So then we played a game called “Pistolero” to check if we remembered everyone’s name and know a little bit more about the other participants: everyone enjoyed it because we had a little workout, we laughed a lot, and the atmosphere was great. And then, after dinner, we had a music evening organized by a local band of youth of Polpenazze. It was amazing!

29th December 2016

During the morning there was an event to present our project “Intercultural Mind”. We have heard interesting presentations of the Municipality of Polpenazze, the hosting association and all the partner organizations that participated to the project. We listened to Mr. Franceschetti, a man working for the EU, talking about his experience and work and to Alberto’s experience in Brasil (Italian team-leader). Then we talked about what we knew about the project topic, and our related expectations and aspirations.

In the afternoon there was the Spanish workshop about social and anti-social behaviours and then we had a discussion about their meaning and impact on our lives.

30th December 2016

In the morning we went to Rezzato to visit a fair trade shop called “Bottega dei popoli”. Volunteers explained us what means “fair trade” using many examples and talked about the international network their organization is part of. Food, clothes, and goods come from all over the world, especially from third world countries, and are bought from organizations that guarantee that farmers, artisans and workers receive a fair price for their products and the working conditions are good. We had the opportunity to taste chocolate, natural liquorice and many other sweets.

After lunch, we started our activity with the Italian workshop concerning the immigration issue. Italian team-leaders showed us this topic from the perspective and the point of view of a country that is the first stop on immigrants’ way to Europe and a better live for them. Then we met 4 women from the association "Acqua Chiara" who came to Italy from all over the world for different reasons and we had the opportunity to interviewed them in small groups. Their lives and problems gave us a new and unique perspective while considering this topic.

In the night it was time of Lithuanian night. Evening ‘s plot was in a plane and all passengers were given a plane ticket. Flight attendants explained evening’s plan and the captain introduced Lithuanian weather. After that there was a presentation and a quiz about many the Baltic country. Then there was some traditional songs, dances.

31st Deccember 2016

The day started great: the sun was shining, there was no clouds, so you could clearly see the mountains.

First we had our (Lithuanian) workshop: “What’s like for people to see you”. It went nearly good, we were roleplaying.

Then we had lunch and we tried the 'Lasagne'. After we did an excursion and we went to Manerba Del Garda; there we climbed the mountain and we took photos and had fun. The views was amazing. We saw a little museum too. Later we went to Puegnago del Garda and we visited the Presepe Meccanico, it was very interested, we liked very much. When we went ate panettone too. We tried frittelle, it was delicious. We arrived home and we prepared for the last night of the year!

We had dinner on the sports centre. We had a typical dinner of Brescia, Spiedo. When midnight was arriving Spanish prepared braves and when new year started we turn on petardini like Italians do. We had party and we went to sleep. It was a funny night.

1st of January 2017


On the 1st of January we visited Brescia, beautiful city located on ruins of the antic center. We had an occasion to see S. Giulia Museum, a place saturated with historic soul. It was an experience that showed us how rich is human history. We admired beautiful mosaics, elements of buildings and sculptures.

We also went for a walk and the center of the city with tragic history. On the main square there was one of the biggest terrorist attack on Italian people. It made us realize that there is a lot of good but also bad things in the history. At the end of the visit we were walking around Brescia and we visited Church, we saw exhibition of traditional Italian Christmas crib. We ended up our day by eating tasty dinner in the local restaurant in Polpenazze del Garda.

2th of January 2017


We went to Salò on the 2nd January and we visited the cooperative “La Sorgente” which helps children and youth with problematic families. At first they told us what they do in the structure and showed us the park and the main hall. After that we had the possibilities to meet some teenagers from the cooperative and to talk with them. In the second time of the morning and after lunch we played games all togethar and have a workshop concerning social inclusion.

After visiting the local social cooperative “La Sorgente”, in the late afternoon we explored the stunning resort Salò del Garda. This town is a popular touristic destination because it is famous for various water sports, interesting architecture and the beautiful nature surrounding it. We walked around, and then we came back to Polpenazze.

3th of January 2017

This morning the Polish people organized a workshop concerning "cultural exploration" . We divided in four groups and we played some games. We played a game called “Mafia”, in this game there were some characters. The purpose of the game was to know which of the character of a citizen, a Mafioso, a police and a doctor. We also played to other game called “salad bowl” were we wrote some characters in some papers. In this game we had to guess some famous people. Then we all had lunch together in the pizzeria.

Meeting with refugees

Today we met a group of four refugees that came from “Puerto Escondido” association. They told us their stories about hard ways getting out of their countries which were usually in the war zone or having issues with terrorism attacks. We had a chance to get in touch with their stories and receive unprejudiced information and feelings from the first hands. Honestly, it was significantly touching when we heard stories of people leaving their families and travelling to another country (even continent) just to be not dead. It was theirs only option that gave them hope. Not to be mentioned, their spiritual pain and suffering was easily seen from their eyes. I believe that this wave of emotions will have an impact on our (project participants) mindset because, personally, I felt like I need to consider my destiny of life to make a change. Moreover, the main goal of this meeting is to make us think about the social issues and that hate for different people is only resulting in serious problems and irrationality.

4th of January 2017

Today is the last day of this project. We got certificates and I think I will remember this project a long time. However, we were in Desenzano, it is a very beautiful town. It is very sad that project is ending because I will miss Spanish, Italian and Polish team. I’m very happy that project was near the Garda Lake. I want to say thank you to participants, leaders and organizators.

The project has been realised by the Municipality of Polpenazze in collaboration with the partner Aloe (LT), ACD la Hoya (SP) and Amicus (PL), with the support of the European Programme Erasmus plus.

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