I am writing to ask if you would prayerfully consider supporting me, as I enter into this next season with God.

I recently graduated DTS this February here at YWAM Mazatlan where I grew up.

It was a key season of challenge, where I felt the Lord push me in certain areas of my life: leadership, the influence and authority I carry, confidence.

It is truly evident that the Lord used the last season to spring me into the following one. I can definitely say that if I did not go through the DTS, I would not have been prepared for what is ahead.

So what is ahead?

Since last summer, when I traveled to Spain to attend the “Preschool in a Suitcase” course with YWAM, the Lord has truly been stirring a greater passion for little ones in my life. As I learned more about God’s heart for His children and the ways they can discover and begin to comprehend Him in such a tangible way, my heart exploded with joy.

Since then, the Lord has been depositing more dreams, new ideas, and downloading His heart to a greater extent.

All of this to say that I will be joining our new Christian School at YWAM and helping run the Preschool this coming August.

Some may say, “Well you haven’t studied to become a teacher”, but what I do know is that I have an immense love for these little ones, and the Lord has spoken so clearly about this, that I am choosing to run with this vision. My heart is so full: full of vision, dreams, and opportunity to let these kids encounter their Heavenly Father face to face.

What will all of this look like?

I will be joining YWAM Mazatlan staff… officially at the end of June, and my full-time job will be serving at the school at all times.

My schedule will look quite a bit different from the rest of the staff, as I will be going into work at 8am and starting class at 9am. Children will then leave at 1pm, and I will continue to work on things for the class throughout the day.

Mariana and Orlando, the directors of the school and fellow staff here at our base, have asked all teachers to commit themselves to a full year of service.Then, after the year, there is freedom to pray and ask the Lord about what is next.

Therefore, I have committed a year to working in the school, yet truly believe the Lord will have me here longer.

For all of this to happen, I am in need of monthly financial support.

The amount I am needing to raise is $500 USD each month.

This will help with staff fees, accommodation/food, attending seminars and conferences throughout the year, etc.

Therefore, I am asking if you would please pray, and ask the Lord if this is something to consider, supporting me monthly. I would appreciate any amount: from $25 to $200 dollars.

I will be needing steady support by the end of June, as I will enter into my new role in July.

I believe He will provide this time around, because He always has.

Just know that this is as much of your mission as it is mine!

Here are a few easy ways to donate monthly:

Email for Paypal:

Want a TAX DEDUCTIBLE receipt?

YWAM Tyler, TX: Checks only

1. Make check out to YWAM

2. In envelope, place a note stating it is for Nicki Madsen

3. Send check to: PO Box 3000, Garden Valley, TX, 75771

Thank you for taking the time to read about what my next steps are. I am holding onto what the Lord has spoken, and hope that you can come alongside me in this time, to see how the Lord changes these little Preschoolers lives.

Much love, Nicki

Here are some pictures from my classes in Spain and the Philippines outreach.

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