Mahjong Instructions BY: Evelyn, Cameron, Daphne, Hanlin C5P3

Chinese Directions:

English Directions: Rules are slightly different from real 麻將 for our purposes

There are many different ways to play but the simplest and most popular is 推倒胡

To win a player must have 4 groups of 3 and 1 group of 2 (14 total) pieces

Groups of 2 and 3 can be made with matching pieces

Groups of 3 can be made with pieces that are in order

There are four “suites”: 萬, 條, 桶, and 風/others

Obviously pieces in order must be the same suite to count


After all pieces are shuffled they are set up in rows of 17 x2 stacks like above, each person has a stack in front of them

Oldest person goes first and gets to roll dice

Where to start taking pieces is determined by the dice roll

Determine which stack to start: start counting counterclockwise with 1 being the stack in front of the dice roller

Determine where to start taking pieces: on that stack count clockwise, skip as many pieces as the dice roll and start taking from there, eg roll was 10 start from 11th piece, if roll is a large number can overflow to next stack

Take 4 at a time clockwise until each person has 12

Take 1 at a time clockwise until each person has 13

How a turn works

Turns go clockwise

At the beginning of the turn the person takes the next piece from stack clockwise

They throw one piece into the center to end the turn


Any time a person throws out a piece into the center other players can 碰/吃 by saying it

Anybody can 碰 a piece

You can only 吃 if the person on your right threw out a piece

碰 take priority over 吃, otherwise whoever called it first has priority

You have 2 copies and person throws out the third one

If you 碰 you can take the third copy and must place all three on display in front of your hand

Throw out one piece

This counts as taking a turn, so yes you can end up skipping someones turn

If you have pieces in order, eg you have 1 and 2 and person throws out 3

If you 吃 you can take the third copy and must place all three on display in front of your hand

Throw out one piece

This counts as a turn

Any time you obtain a piece that would cause you to win you say 胡了

If a person threw out the piece you take it and you take their money

If you drew the piece at the beginng of the turn you take everyones money

After one round the dice thrower moves clockwise to the next person

Things we are not doing:

You can have 4 matching pieces for extra points

Depending on how good your win is you can get more points

Normally the person who starts is picked by a different method and gains more points on win

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