Fundraise with Battle Cancer 2021

Let's fundraise

It's no secret that cancer charities were badly hit in 2020 by the global pandemic. There might be a vaccine for COVID-19, but we're still fighting cancer.

Cancer Research UK alone expects to see fundraising income decline by £300 million over the next three years as a direct result of the pandemic. Uniting to beat cancer has never been more important.

We want to encourage people to fundraise throughout 2021 under the Battle Cancer banner. You can choose any registered cancer charity to support under the Battle Cancer banner.

We've also launched our own cause, the Battle Cancer Program, which offers a tailored 12-week exercise program in local gyms for those post-cancer treatment. If you're not sure who to fundraise for, we'd love you to fundraise for the Battle Cancer Program!

It's simple

If you're fundraising for the Battle Cancer Program:

  1. Head to https://www.justgiving.com/start-fundraising
  2. Click 'My own cause'
  3. Set your target (we suggest a minimum of £200)
  4. Write a title eg. 'To raise funds for the Battle Cancer Program'
  5. Choose the 'health and medical' category
  6. Add images, details and your own personal story to your page
  7. Done! Share and start accepting donations
  8. ...Once you're done fundraising, withdraw the total to your bank account and make your donation to the Battle Cancer Program page here

If you're fundraising for any other registered cancer charity:

We've partnered with JustGiving to make fundraising with Battle Cancer super simple. Just click on our JustGiving link, track your progress and donate directly to your charity. By using our link, your funds will automatically count towards our Battle Cancer grand total. JustGiving accepts GBP, EUR & USD.

3 easy steps

  1. Make your Battle Cancer JustGiving page
  2. Share with friends and family
  3. Fundraise with Battle Cancer!

The benefit of JustGiving is that you can fundraise online quickly and easily, as well as share your appeal on social media in minutes.

Accepting cash donations?

Any cash you raise should be collected, deposited into a bank account and then paid digitally to your JustGiving page by you.

Fundraising Challenges

We'd love for you to join us at one of our 2021 events or activations, but you're welcome to do your own personal challenge instead. Or you can do both!

Get creative to raise as much money as possible doing something personal to you. In the past, our fundraisers have done things such as...

  • Marathons / half marathons
  • Triathlons
  • Head / beard shaves
  • Hikes
  • Bake sales
  • 24-hour rows / workouts / lifts
  • Fancy dress workouts
  • Pub quizes
  • Raffles

...whatever you want to do.

Good luck!

We can't wait to see your fundraising efforts. Be sure to tag us @battle.cancer in your photos and videos so that we can follow you on your journey fundraising throughout 2021.

Don't forget to enter our Fundraising League and submit your totals to win amazing prizes at the end of the year.

A huge thank you from all of us at Battle Cancer for supporting us to fundraise for cancer charities.


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