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"Only the best is good enough."

Lego is a line of plastic construction toys that are manufactured by The Lego Group, a privately held company based in Billed, Denmark. It is the biggest toy manufacturer in Europe and the biggest of the world after Mattel and before Hasbro. The Lego Group made lego movies, games competitions and 7 Lego attraction parks. In July 2015 The Lego group made 600 billion lego parts, that’s 80 times the world population.

Timeline LEGO

In 1932 Ole Kirk Christiansen began making wooden toys in Billund, Denmark. In 1934 he named his company Lego, derived from the Danish phrase leg godt, which means “play well”.

When after World War 2 the use of synthetic became more popular, Christiansen began to use it for his toys, too. In 1947 the company began to make tiny bricks that had studs on top and were hollow, because of this the bricks could be connected to each other. In 1957 Lego improved the blocks by adding pipes on the inside. The pipes made it possible to connect the blocks to each other in multiple ways and when they were connected in a stronger way.

The blocks used to have bad quality, which gave Lego a bad name and business became worse. Ole Kirk Christiansen died in 1958 and his son, Godtfred Christiansen, became boss of the company. This made the quality improve. In 1960 the storage room caught fire after this they decided to stop making wooden toys and the bricks became the main business.

In 1961 Lego began to sell toys in Canada and the USA and in the following years they added a lot of different block types to improve the building possibilities. In 1966 the first successful Lego-serie got launched. After this in 1969 a new, on small children targeted serie got launched; Duplo. Duplo was bigger than Lego and didn’t have small parts. Because of the fact that Duplo was exactly two times as big as Lego in every way, Duplo can be placed on top of Lego.

Since 1970 Lego has known a big increase. They started selling in more countries and added more series. The series all got their own theme and are as detailed as possible. One of the newest series is Lego Mindstorms, were Lego has the ability to move by using motors.

In 2008 Lego became 50 years old, to celebrate this they made mini-figures of popstars. The popstars were: Amy Winehouse, Madonna and Cliff Richard. Even Google showed a special version of their logo.


The headquarters are placed all over the world, but the biggest one is placed in Denmark. The totally produced amount of Lego blocks produced is 20 billion in all factories.

The quality demands state that the model can have a max. of 0,002 mm deference. Which means that in every million blocks 18 blocks don’t make this selection. All of the Lego blocks since 1958 must fit together, it doesn't matter which year or factory it comes. The selection has 2200 different blocks in 55 colours. Lego designs blocks made for boys and girls. Per designed block there must be very large number of construction possibilities, 6 standard building blocks (dimensions 2 x 4) are on 915.103.765 different ways to combine. Lego must be inventive and imagination the only limitation are. It is indeed the motto of The Lego Group; your imagination is the only limit! Lego must be sustainable, which means that the colour and shape of the building blocks should not change. Sow that are the most important rules from The Lego Group of how to make Lego blocks.

Lego attraction parks

The Lego attraction parks, named Legoland, started in 1968 in Billund, Denmark. This theme park began as a miniature world completely build out of Lego. Lego-trains, Lego-cars and Lego-planes were made and used. They also made famous buildings like the Eiffel-Tower in the Lego World. The Lego World turned out to be a great success; in the first year, half a million people visited Legoland Denmark. In the following years the company grew and now it’s eight times as big as it was when it began.

Not only does Lego recreate buildings, they also make animals, humans and fairytale creatures. The parks don’t only consist of mini-worlds, but also contain attractions that aren’t completely made of Lego, like roller coaster and lookout towers.

At the moment there are 7 Lego parks and 2 parks will open this year.


In total are their 28 series from Lego, Lego Star Wars, Lego Disney or Lego Duplo for example. All of the Lego fits on top of each other, Lego Duplo was bigger than Lego Star Wars and didn’t have small parts. Because of the fact that Duplo was exactly two times as big as Lego in every way, Duplo can be placed on top of Lego. The most popular Lego is by kids Lego Duplo and by teenagers Lego City. All the Lego series are:

-Lego Star Wars: is based on the popular Disney movies Star Wars.

-Lego Technic: is custom made for cars and other vehicles.

-Lego City: is based on reality.

-Lego Ninjago: is known for its dolls with weapons and shields.

-Lego NEXO knights: is known for the different types of dimensions between good and bad.

-Lego Creator: is known for it’s expensive range with many different places, seasons and cultures.

-Lego Duplo: is specially designed for small children.

-Lego Worlds: is known for it’s open environment. You can create whatever you want, from tropical islands to Alaska.

-Lego Marvel Super Herdes: is known for the famous super heroes such as Batman and Spiderman.

-Lego DC Comics Super Herdes: is very similar to Marvel Super Herdes but contains DC super heroes instead of Marvel heroes.

-Lego DC Super Hero Girls: is the same as the DC Super Herdes but it only contains Girl super heroes.

-Lego Angry Birds movie: is known for the birds of the movie Angry Birds.

-Lego architecture: is known of the highlights of the popular cities.

-Lego Friends: is specially made for girls.

-Lego Jurassic World: is known for the dinosaurs of the movie Jurassic World.

-Lego Elves: is known for the elves and the trolls.

-Lego Juniors: is made for small children older than 8.

-Lego Disney: is known for the Disney characters.

-Lego Minecraft: is based on the looks of the game Minecraft.

-Lego Dimensions: it’s even more comprehensive version of different dimensions than NEXO Knights.

-Lego Batman: is known for its wide selection of Batman figures, vehicles and buildings.

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