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About Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark is a web-based multimedia authoring tool for creating online media. Adobe Spark can be used to create three main types of media: Social Graphics (Spark Post), Web Stories (Spark Page) and Animated videos (Spark Video.) You are currently looking at an example of an Adobe Spark page.

Advantages of Adobe Spark

  • Entirely web-based
  • Content is accessible across most platforms
  • Create content more quickly and easily than other software
  • Easy sharing of media (send a link)
  • Leverages "Dual Coding" theory
  • An intuitive tool for students to create content
  • Free to use
  • Recorded content can be saved for offline viewing

Dual Coding Theory

Allan Paivio

Allan Paivio developed "dual coding" theory. In short, by using more than one communication channel (such as combining imagery and text), students can draw greater connections with new content, and retain information for longer periods of time.

For example: Ropa Vieja (Spanish for "old clothes,") is a Cuban dish consisting of stewed beef with vegetables, often served with rice.

Delicious Ropa Vieja

General Tips

  • Add descriptive captions underneath images to improve accessibility.
  • Use detailed text to describe visually complex information.
  • Avoid using Adobe Spark as the primary way of conveying information
  • Consider allowing students to use Adobe Spark to express what they have learned

Watch us Build a Page

Picture of Construction Site

Creating an Account

Adobe Spark content can be created from ( or by downloading the iOS app for Apple mobile devices. Use the link below to create an account.

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A Screenshot of Photos on Desktop
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Andrew Sheppard
Created with images by PublicDomainPictures - "computer female girl" • Tama66 - "excavators construction machine two-way excavator"

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