Concussion Conundrum By: Jeremy Peters

Leading with the head during a tackle is one way of bad tackling. This technique is not proper, and can lead to a concussion.

Coaches need to properly educate these athletes on tackling to avoid using the head. Tackles around the head and neck area occur often and cause serious head injuries.

Some positions in football are hard to avoid using the head, offensive and defensive lineman collide heads nearly every play. This is where most concussions on the field occur

By not educating these athletes with proper techniques on tackling to avoid concussions, they will have to suffer with the long-term effects such as headaches, confusion, memory loss, etc.

These athletes will also have to deal with dizziness.

Medication is one way to treat these symptoms. They help relieve the symptoms, it does not cure. These prescription drugs can become addicting and can affect athletes in the long run by making things worse and adding more drugs to their every day lives.


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