Black & White Photo I Students

Paul Filsinger

High contrast B&W with a dark jacket used as background. Levels adjustment in Photoshop makes the background a uniform dark shade.

Erin Johnson

Notice how the large dark figure of the cow leads our eye to the face of the calf. The sharp focus on the calf is critical to this image.

Bethany Holl

The raindrops are in sharp focus in the foreground to create a shallow depth-of-field. It gives the entire image an abstract look.

Jennie Shaffer

Composition and texture are as important as good contrast. This subject provides balance, line and texture. The high contrast helps these elements stand out.

Dave Baker

To create a good silhouette, expose for the brightest part of the image. In this case the silhouette is enhanced by the rim light visible on the portions of the fence that stand against the dark background.

Lucilia Guerrero

One interesting addition to B&W photography is to make the image B&W then bring some of the color back. It should always enhance the subject of the image.

(Clockwise from top) BreAnn Wackerla, Dave Baker, Paul Finsinger and Sam Fincher.

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