Photography Digital Portfolio 2016 By Miya Eddy

I decided to do photography my Senior year, because I have always loved taking pictures. I wanted to learn how to make my photos better than just "average". I wanted to expand my knowledge of photography, and this class sounded like the perfect opportunity to make that happen.

When learning about depth of field I realized how something so simple could make the picture pop, just by changing the aperture. The short depth of field really focuses on the subject, blurring our the unneeded background, to really draw the subject in (picture 1). The long depth of field captured the entire picture, letting the picture really show what was around the subject, seeing everything that was going on (picture 2).

Lighting is definitely an part of taking photos. Learning how to bounce light off of the skin using side lighting with fill light (top left picture and bottom middle). Experimenting with side lighting with no fill light (bottom right picture), bottom lighting (top right picture), and top lighting (top middle picture). The hardest part was deciding how to make my pictures stand out, and which lighting would be best.

In the "Monarchs" project I had the letters M and H. When optimizing these letters, I wanted them to stand out. So, for the "M" (picture #1) I rotated it so that it would be an "M" and then I used the burn tool and burned around the "M" to shape it more. Then, I took out all of the color and then used the paint brush tool to bring the color back into the "M", then I used the saturation tool to get the blue color (picture #2). For the "H" (picture #3) I first cropped it. Then, I used the burn tool, to burn the shape of the "H". Then took out all of the color from the picture and used the paint brush tool to shade around the "H". Using saturation I got to purple and blue colors. (picture #4)

The project that taught me the most, was definitely the histogram project. I had no idea that you could take different exposures of the same spot to make it into one picture. The very last photo (bottom right) is what all the pictures combined together looks like. I think this project is what opened my eyes to new ways of capturing an image.

I have 3 projects I would like to try again. My first photography project (top left picture) is something I would definitely like to try again, because I didn't love how the photos came out. I would try to get closer up to the object to show the textures more. Another one I'd like to try is the product shot (the hedgehog one), I loved bouncing light off of the object and seeing the way it turned out. Lastly, I would love to try the composite shot again, because it was so fun bringing different textures and such into a photo. I really liked manipulating the photo and making it something totally different and my own.

I love the way my photogram turned out, because it looks like mountains are in the background
For my last project I inverted colors to manipulate my picture.
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