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An oasis in the Sahara

Living In the Sahara is very hard to live there but people have adapted to the region. One example is that people can wear loose clothing on their body from head to toe. People in this region wear loose clothing because the people don't want to get sun burn and to stay cool. The second example is that people in this region can live near an oasis to survive from the harsh drought. People live near an oasis because people need water to survive and animals go to the oasis and then the people can kill the animals and eat them. Living the Sahara is one of the hardest places to survive but people still live there. The people that live there have to adapt to the area

Unite Europe

Within supranational cooperation, there are often centripetal forces that unite nations. Common markets and trade blocs unite Nations economically. Common markets bring people together because goods can travel freely through borders. Trade blocs are clusters of people that trade together to be more powerful. Political cooperation are being part of supranational level of government also unites people. Being part of the EU countries are able to come together to work on shared issues and current Issues. One of these goals are global warming. Based on these reasons supranational cooperation has many centripetal forces that unite people in Europe.

Representative democracy is the best and most effective form of government. An example of representative democracy is the United States, one of the most powerful countries in the world. In a representative the citizens vote for representatives to make decisions for them. In addition, in a representative democracy like the United States, they have separation of power in the United States. It's important that no branch of government has too much power because if someone has too much power then they can take over all of the rights from a U.S. citizen. In the United States, they have limited government and a constitution that keeps the president without too much power. A Constitution is good because it limits the power of the President and in the United States the president has make a pledge to follow the Constitution and he cannot change the Constitution. Representative democracy is the best form of government because of all of these reasons and the most important part is probably limiting the president's power. If you didn't limit the power it could turn into a dictatorship.

A good citizen is someone who has rights and responsibilities and performs certain duties. One of the duties is to pay taxes. Citizens have to pay taxes because taxes are used by the government to pay for roads bridges and public schools. Another personal duty is to obey laws. A good citizen obeys state and federal laws it helps to keep the country in order. A good citizen registers to vote and with this comes a responsibility to stay informed on what is going on. This is important so that when a citizen votes he/she knows what issues are going on. Most importantly caring for others, their communities, and the environment are ways that good citizens help the United States be a good country.

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