Leadership Lab Washington, D.C. October 26, 2018

On October 26, 2018 Carly Fiorina and Unlocking Potential held Leadership Lab Washington, D.C., at the Hill Center in Southeast D.C.

Participants from the District's homelessness, housing and veterans organizations participated in a day-long intensive led by Carly, and will participate in 6 months of coaching to enhance problem-solving capacity and unlock innovative solutions. We are grateful to our partners at the Coalition for Nonprofit Housing & Economic Development for their help in making this engagement a reality.

"Not only would I recommend this for my organization, but every organization in the city and then some more."
"I’ve been surprised there’s been a lot of young people here and in jobs similar to mine. It’s nice to meet those people and hear what they’re working on, the problems that they face, and how they’re similar to mine, and how we can ... learn from each other to develop solutions and tools..."

The Participants:

One of the core tenets of our program is that people closest to the problem are best positioned to solve that problem. Our participants were invited based on their demonstrated commitment and track record of tackling some of the most intractable problems in Washington, D.C. related to homelessness, affordable housing, and economic development. We knew we were working with a set of all-stars and we knew we had a lot to learn from them.

We also believe that diverse teams are the most effective at developing solutions to thorny problems. Though it's easier to collaborate with people who think like you do, it never produces the best answer. We worked with our partners to ensure the participants represented a diverse cross-section of the city, bringing a wide array of experiences and perspectives to the table.

The Program:

The Lab was a full-day intensive in which all of the participants had an opportunity to learn the stories, lessons, and disciplines of leadership from Carly Fiorina and practice their problem-solving skills in small groups, with their peers and UP-trained facilitators.

They covered topics like humility, empathy, and collaboration - as well as how to use a set of practical tools to solve problems, implement solutions, and manage stakeholders.

"This experience has been amazing – I think I had not intended for it to be so impactful just right out of the gate."
"I think that Carly’s presentation is phenomenal – she has a way of connecting with you as an individual that – it resonates with you as a person in the work that you’re doing, and I think that she has a way of lifting you up through her stories, her analogies, and her transparency. I think it is amazing that somebody of her stature is so open about her life, her journey, and the way she’s been able to connect with the front line and then translate that to the greater community. As far as today’s workshop, it’s been I’d say for me life-altering."

The Results:

Participants left the Lab seeing possibilities. They were both clear-eyed about the challenges in front of them in their current state - and optimistic about the power of collaborating with their colleagues and peers. They had seen that power in action.

96% of participants surveyed said they left the lab with concrete ideas to improve their leaders and problem solving

They also had an opportunity to practice a set of tools and skills that they were excited to take back to their teams - including the Current/Future State Analysis and the Leadership Framework. And for the next 3 months, UP's dedicated team of coaches will join them on their journey.

100% of participants surveyed said they would recommend a Leadership Lab to a colleague.

Let's work together!

To learn more about Carly's work, go to CarlyFiorina.com.

To learn more about Unlocking Potential, visit UPLeadership.org.

And please, never hesitate to contact us!

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