Humans of 21st Century Schools

"My favorite subject would either be Language Arts or Science I find it fun, reading and reading new things. I find literature more interesting. I read this book called "When You Read to Me" by Rebecca Stead. It's about a girl named Miranda and her mom gets featured on a game show and she becomes friends with some boy named Marcus who’s really smart and there’s also a laughing man on the corner, a laughing homeless man. Over time Miranda learns more about him. I liked the ending. It’s unique from other books."- Nathan | 14 | 8th Grade

"In Social Studies we did a country project and we had to choose a random country and write about what people do, the flag, the leader, the weather, what they ate and popular places. And sports. The coolest was learning about the history part, like when someone passed away they would write the person’s name and what they did a white stone. I was just curious about that country."- Marvin | 13 | 7th Grade

" I'm looking forward to more freedom in High-School, I'm gonna say. You get to choose the things you want to do. Registration is tomorrow and I hope mom doesn’t force me into Spanish. I want to take Japanese. It's a really cool country and it's a beautiful country. Plus it has a lot of money so if I'm older and want to do business in Japan, that would be useful. Also, it’s kind of fun and for cosplay purposes, I can play a character and understand what they are saying. I'm a weirdo like that. In elementary school I was bullied in Spanish and I really don't want to associate with that language."- Courtney (Nicky) | 14 | 8th Grade

"I like hanging out with my friends because they let me be who I am. Some people want me to be a stylist and stuff but I want to be a soccer player or a teacher. I’ve been playing soccer since 5 and that’s all I want. It's unfair that they’re letting the rising 6th graders play sports when they didn't let me this year. I'm going to play on the team next year though."- Johanna | 11 | 6th Grade

" I'm looking forward to [about High-School] being able have more diverse classes and being able to have more options for art classes and more path options. I’ve done art for most of my life and I’ve doodled and loved art for much of my life and I’m taking a lot of arts focused classes. I want to study Studio Art in college I like to draw animals with paper and colored pencil. I use a drawing program and the computer at home. I draw with the stylus and have a drawing program. I can put the drawings on a USB and take them anywhere."- Daphne | 13 | 8th Grade

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