This is my dog Mali! She is like my own child! I love her VERY, VERY much!

Mali loves to play and explore! She especially loves runs in the woods and down by a river or lake.

Mali also loves a special park we go to sometimes. It's also in Kansas but is in a different town called Lawrence. Here are some pictures from the park we go to!

Mali also has some friends that she really, really likes! We really enjoy playing with other dogs!


This is Buttons! She is quite a bit older than Mali but it was Mali's first friend she ever made. We love hanging out with Buttons and sometimes Mali has sleepovers with her.



This is Mali's "boyfriend" his name is Gus! I like to make jokes that Mali and Gus are dating like they are boyfriend and girlfriend. They have a lot of fun together playing and I love to watch them have fun!



This is Sully! He's the CUTEST of all of Mali's friends! He is a Corgi and they are very, very cute dogs. They are growing to be very popular here in America and someday I would like to have one!

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