Kibande The Rushegura Mountain Gorilla Family trekking

Place: Bwindi Impenetrable forest. Location: Buhoma Sector (Northern part of Bwindi).

Date: 2/12/2019. After the first day had passed and the adventure was fun but the pictures weren't as I imagined because the gorilla family is in a crowded place in the forest and the lighting was very low so I couldn't take the pictures as I imagined but the experience was wonderful especially it was different from the Safari of Kenya where it was always in the car but this experience was walking on foot.

with David

On the way back, I thanked Leader )David( and told him that we are looking forward to seeing something different, we want to be able to see a larger family in a semi-open place and the lighting is suitable for taking photos , he said it is possible to do it on tomorrow, but the place is further from this place you should rest well and start walking early in the morning.

On the morning of the second day, we gathered at the gathering point, and the plan was visiting the gorillas. (The Rushegura Mountain Gorilla Family) . Rushegura meaning: it’s a place full of ebishegura trees and this is where we located it, most of the times we name gorilla family depending on where we found them.
Kabukojo (the silverback)

At exactly half past ten, we reached the top after calling the guards of the reserve from one place to another, and we were exhausted at that time, but as soon as we got to the place and we saw the family spread everywhere and their number was large.The Total number of members in family was 19 and Breakdown ( 2 SB,5 ADF,2 BB,3 SAD,3 JUV,4 INFS).Symbol of members: SB = silver back, ADF = adult female, BB = black back, SAD = sud adult, JUV = juvenile, INFS = infants.

As soon as we started taking photos, everyone felt the problem of very high humidity and we waited at that time for the air temperature to balance with the temperature of the equipment.After 20 minutes had passed, we started shooting, as the family was enjoying food and was very relaxing.The Silver Pack was very close to the team and he also mated in close proximity to us, as the attached video clip shows, and this is some information about him:

Kabukojo (the silverback) dominant in rushagura family group, kabukojo (meaning the scars) as you see on the noise it has a cut, because of fighting.

I remember that on this day, about an hour, I took 1000 frames from the astonishment of the scene and the family feeding and the children playing and after exactly an hour had passed, the sky began to rain and the family began to go under the trees and complete the feeding during the rain.

Most of the family entered the shade, and the heroine Kibandi remained in the same place, enjoying the food and the raindrops falling on her, and I also entered into a mood of calm and serenity with the rain and my eyes on Kibandi I looked at her from the camera and took pictures of her and attract my attention to the moments when she closed her eyes for a while and opened it again and continued in eating, but cutting those beautiful moments, the voice of Salem (the guardian of the reserve) says Majid, it is time to leave, let's go.


I was very pleased with this picture, which is the most beautiful shot on that trip, and I wished this family and the rest of the gorilla families to live in peace and tranquility as Kibandi lived. Kibande was born on the 2nd of January 1982Kibande means: the flat headed top.

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