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For years, Hawaii serves as an exotic destination for travelers all over the world. A series of islands in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, each one unique in its own way. But how did this formation occur? 40 million years ago, Hawaii formed by a hot spot that occurred in the middle of the pacific plate. As this process began the plate moved over the hot spot, and the string of islands that make up the Hawaii island chain were formed.

The magma and rocks were beginning to push up out of the earth, because the volcano (that formed Hawaii) was in the pacific ocean and then it built up to a solid land, Hawaii. When posed the question “Are there other locations on earth where we can expect something similar to what happened when Hawaii formed?”, the answer is yes because most islands are caused by volcanoes that build the island up. For example, the big island is made up of the 5 most major volcanoes. These volcanoes are the most largest, strongest, most powerful ones. At the same time, one might be wondering “How do forces inside the earth and on the surface build, destroy, and change the earth’s crust”? A push or a pull on a object can cause it to change direction. Also how this happens is, well gravity, gravity is very strong and powerful. To add on, Hawaiian volcanoes mostly erupt a certain type of rock which in this case affects the earth as well, this rock is known as basalt.

Shortly thereafter is the location, effects on the earth’s surface, and the continuous cycle of earth materials. The Hawaiian formation was in the middle of the pacific ocean because the volcano erupted there, plus most islands are erupted and formed by a volcano. It also depends where the hot spot was, now it is underneath the island of Hawaii. How the Hawaii formation affected the earth’s surface was dangerous. One effect that happened included major transformations, ranging from the formation of the new land to the viability of existing environment. It was very harsh on the earth because of the harsh magma called basalt which is very disrupting to the earth. Meanwhile, what’s happening to the earth’s continuous cycle? This movement takes it to the northwest compared to the layers below it at a rate of 5 to 10 cm/yr (the rate depends where you are on it).

Ultimately, these three questions come down to the last pieces of information, how did this affect the people and communities? The changes that happened created democracy between the people and communities. It affected people in a good way to because they could place a U.S military base. Over time some discoveries/inventions that have been made are the origin of the magma and the melting history of Hawaii volcanoes.

Undeniably, the Hawaiian formation has been a huge process that took time to form the beautiful Hawaii island that is here now. Over the deep process that happened all are so thankful the earth survived another harsh time.


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