Renewable & Nonrenewable Resources R.Jess

Oxygen is a renewable resource that we use on a daily basis. We need oxygen in order for us to survive. Oxygen is a renewable resource because it can be replaced through plants and tree who produce oxygen. Corn is a delicious vegetable that is grown. Humans consume this for nutritious value. Corn grows every year during a certain time of year which makes it a renewable resource. Solar energy is another renewable resource. Solar energy is considered to be sustainable and inexhaustible meaning it can never be depleted. Solar energy is created by using solar panels to absorb sunlight using a semiconductor material. We are starting to see these on many buildings and homes. It decreases the gas and electric bill. Water, we use it to cook, clean, swim, drink, among other things. Water can be replenished over and over again but and although there is over 300 trillion gallons of water in the world we still have to be careful with its use due to global warming. We depend on trees to make houses, use for heat, and even furniture. As we chop down trees more trees are planted which makes this a renewable resource.

Crude oil comes from below the earth's surface or deep below the ocean's bed. Crude oil is made of old animal bones from thousands of years of ago. Cosmetics, hand lotion, plastic, petroleum jelly, hand lotion, rubbing alcohol, and of course gasoline we use for our cars. Crude oil is a nonrenewable resource because it is not replenished. Crude oil is also harmful to the environment if it spills.

Minerals are used for multiple things. They are used to make cement, rubber, insulation, metal, as well as in our food for nutrients. Minerals help to strengthen our bones and help with nerves. Minerals are considered nonrenewable because they take tens of thousands to millions of years to form and we are using minerals much faster than they are forming.

Natural gas is colorless, shapeless and odorless, it accounts for about 23.8% of our energy. Many people use natural gas to cook, heat their house, dry their clothes etc. The main ingredient in natural gas is methane. Natural gas is a type of fossil fuel and can not replenish itself as fast as we are consuming it.

The most significant use of coal today is for electricity, steel production, cement manufacturing, and a liquid fuel. Coal comes ancient plants and trees that grew in great swampy jungles, in warm moist climates.

Uranium also known as nuclear energy is usually in the form of heavy metal, that naturally occurs in most rocks, soil, and ocean. Most nuclear power plants use uranium for fuel. Uranium can also be used to build nuclear weapons. Nuclear power plants are carefully watched and prohibited from making such weapons. Uranium can be found in radioactive isotopes for Xrays when diagnosing.


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