What caused the Arab Spring? And who was to blame?

The Arab Spring is the democratic uprising and rebellion against many dictators and autocratic governments in the Arab world. It started in Tunisia and spread to many other countries.
Many people who helped the rebellion were young adults. They used social media, mainly Facebook, to organise and fight against Gaddafi's regime and many others like his. People, women in particular, used sites like Facebook to talk and plot. It got to the point that Egypt had to stop internet services out of fear of being overthrown. However, people still found a way past this and this did more harm than good. Funnily enough, only 5% of Libyans had access to the internet, which proved to be more than enough to overthrow Gaddafi.
Problems such as food and water fuelled people's rage for Gaddafi, as he seemed to not care about his people's suffering. The estimated death toll in Libya was 30,000 from the beginning to the end of the Arab Spring. This goes to show how far people would go to get rid of Gaddafi and his regime. There were many things wrong during his rule. The health system was poor, and the education system was sub-par. He rounded up political islamists who rebelled against him in Benghazi, and imprisoned and tortured them behind closed doors. They were viewed as martyrs.
Unfortunately for Gaddafi, the year of the Arab Spring was also an El Niño year. This meant that normal weather conditions were reversed, meaning that it was hotter and more humid. Crops died and there were major food shortages. Gaddafi, being in charge, was looked at to help, but he did very little or nothing at all. This made people angry and made them question if he was the leader they needed.
Soon, Gaddafi realised that people were using the internet to plot against him, so he cut off the internet service. Luckily for him, all of the countries internet connections were rooted in one company in Tripoli, so it could be dealt with instantly and easily. However, it was too little too late. People on the outside had seen the problems people faced in Libya and other countries in the Middle East.
On October the 20th, 2011, Gaddafi was assassinated. The people he once ruled were tired of his carelessness. But was it entirely Gaddafi's own fault that his people rebelled against him? And what caused this uprising in the first place?
The people of Libya had more than likely never enjoyed the autocratic government that had been in power for so long. But now they had a means to rise up against it: Facebook. Gaddafi had banned people from meeting in large groups, so the rebellion had no safe way to meet and group up. But with the power of the internet, they now could safely and freely converse with each other. Another cause of the Arab Spring was El Niño. Because of dramatic changes in the environment, people struggled to survive. And when people are struggling, they often blame the government. Unfortunately for Gaddafi, people had already disliked him, and disliked him even more
In my opinion, I think that Gaddafi is mostly at fault for his demise. He was cruel to his enemies and crueler to his people. Despite that, El Niño certainly didn't help and proved to help his downfall. I also think that the Arab Spring was a good thing, because it meant that people were fighting for their own rights instead of sitting around and waiting, and used a different approach than most revolutions or rebellions. Integrating new technologies and websites such as Facebook just goes to show that they really do have a use and purpose and can be used for influential and inspiring things.


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